week 715 / week 587

Another week of Huff not being very well, and not making it to school. Another return visit to the doctor to see if we can figure out what’s wrong; seems to be a bad cold that’s just refusing to leave, but it’s starting to be a significant amount of time off!

With Doc’s birthday celebrations, Huff was reluctant to miss out, but wore a mask most of the time. Puff continues on in good health, even helping Dad return various items to the work storage unit before coming to the party. Meanwhile he’s learning more and more at school, raising some increasingly complex topics as part of ongoing family discussions.

huff and puff celebrate doc's birthday

A rare treat to see uncle M was compounded with new clothes for Puff (a shirt that I’d expect to see in a photo here sometime soon), and a new pair of pants.

huff wearing new pants

It’s good to see the occasional flickering of Huff’s regular personality shine through the fatigue and sadness that goes with being sick for so long. We’re hoping to see her well enough to be back at school in the next week.

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