week 716 / week 588

A bit of a treat to have a long weekend in the middle of school term. We didn’t take the opportunity to stay away from home, but managed a long overdue day trip to see the cousins, some chores at home, and some family time, so that was enjoyable.

Dad managed a quick trip with Puff post-youth-group to grab bubble tea, which he was waiting patiently for.

puff waiting for bubble tea

While waiting for our breakfast to arrive at a cafe, Huff and Puff played boxes together on some paper retrieved from Mum’s handbag, with some pens from a pencil case whose progeny is now long forgotten.

huff and puff playing boxes

After breakfast, Huff, feeling better after more days of school was feeling game enough to try walking with Dad to IKEA, which ended up being the better part of an hour. This was taken early on, in front of a cafe called “Sirius Black” which was closed.

huff on a walk with Dad

The end result of the long weekend’s exertions, sadly, was that Huff has been unwell again: we’re trying to figure out exactly how to help her get better. More details next week!

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