week 695 / week 567

by cafedave on January 18, 2022

Pineapple is making himself feel more and more at home, and makes a lot of noise when he feels he’s being ignored for too long.

pineapple becoming part of the family

We went to the drive-in to see “Sing 2” on Sunday night – it seemed like the most covid-safe way to watch a movie and the kids had a great time.

huff and puff at the drive-in

And Huff was finally able to get her first jab as part of the pandemic adventuring. Dad spent some time empathising with her about her hurty arm, but she has been otherwise fine.

huff post jab



week 694 / week 566

by cafedave on January 12, 2022

Another week of school holidays, fairly consistently punctuated by work tasks for Dad. We still managed some family time, heading out for an outdoor cafe breakfast.

huff at brunch

And Puff finally picked up his Christmas present – a new cockatiel named Pineapple. Here is pineapple on the way home.

puff with bird (Pineapple)

Huff helped with the painting this week.

huff painting

Huff is also a big fan of the bird.

huff with Pineapple

It’s great to see Puff (and Pineapple) smiling so much.

Puff with Pineapple

Other highlights this week were seeing the cousins, and having dinner with Uncle M. 


week 692-693 / week 564-565

January 4, 2022

With Summer Camp in the middle, we have two weeks to talk about! Christmas was a time with family; we had people over, we visited people, all with the shadow of COVID hanging overhead. The kids enjoyed seeing one of their great uncles they hadn’t seen in a while: Knowing Puff wasn’t sure about going […]

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week 691 / week 563

December 21, 2021

A bit light-on for photos this week. With the school holidays up and running, it was time to take the kids out to sit at the far end of the table at a work-related lunch. They were quiet and amused themselves, and we had a chance to hear them laughing about various in-jokes they have […]

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week 690 / week 562

December 14, 2021

The school year is winding down, and it’s time for our end of year rituals. Huff was struck by how much taller she was than last year – she was even tall enough to put the star on the top of the tree. We had a fairly quiet weekend, but Puff managed to get the […]

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week 689 / week 561

December 7, 2021

Another week done, and Dad’s finished his latest degree! He spent some time with the kids: here’s Huff working on her backstroke. Here’s Puff taking a break between laps. Dad was away for a couple of nights during the week. On Saturday, we went out for family breakfast at a friend’s cafe. Sunday morning, Dad […]

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week 688 / week 560

November 30, 2021

A pretty ordinary week; our oven, which has been playing up (varying between being an oven and a cupboard intermittently) for a while, has reached the point where it needed replacement, and so we actually went into a store to have a look at ovens in the middle of the Black Friday sales. Other highlights: […]

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week 687 / week 559

November 23, 2021

Back from his final uni residential, Dad was keen to spend some extra time with the kids. We went out for family dinner on Wednesday night, but didn’t seem to take any photos, so had to enjoy Enmore’s food (and gelato) without further documentation. On the weekend though, Dad went to visit a friend’s new […]

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week 687 / week 559

November 16, 2021

Dad is away at uni at the moment, missing Mum and the kids quite a bit. So limited updates this week.

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week 686 / week 558

November 9, 2021

Another ordinary week. Lots of driving with the kids, which means spending more time in conversation with them. A walk before church with Puff led to a long conversation about some of the computer programming projects he’s been working on, and some unexpected rain (the forecast said 10% chance). We even paused to help a […]

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