week 688 / week 560

by cafedave on November 30, 2021

A pretty ordinary week; our oven, which has been playing up (varying between being an oven and a cupboard intermittently) for a while, has reached the point where it needed replacement, and so we actually went into a store to have a look at ovens in the middle of the Black Friday sales.

huff and puff at the appliance store

Other highlights: a thanksgiving dinner with our thanksgiving friends, heading to a leaders training day for the upcoming summer camp, Dad working on his final uni assignment, and procrastinating by helping Huff write her prefect speech, and various conversations with Puff about computing, maths, and other fascinating topics.

Puff and Dad headed back for in-person church for the second week in a row, while everyone looks warily about what will happen with the latest “omicron” variant.

Dad is looking forward to submitting the final assignment and getting back to being more present for the kids.


week 687 / week 559

by cafedave on November 23, 2021

Back from his final uni residential, Dad was keen to spend some extra time with the kids. We went out for family dinner on Wednesday night, but didn’t seem to take any photos, so had to enjoy Enmore’s food (and gelato) without further documentation.

On the weekend though, Dad went to visit a friend’s new cafe, and take Puff on a beach walk.

puff with apple juice

Sunday morning before church, Huff and Dad went to get some pastries, but the weather wasn’t really cooperating.

huff smiling in the rain

We still managed a short walk down to the beach.

huff and puff near the beach in the rain

Huff is also running for school prefect in the coming weeks, and so posed for a photo to embrace her inner crustacean.

huff pretending to be a crab

See you next week!


week 687 / week 559

November 16, 2021

Dad is away at uni at the moment, missing Mum and the kids quite a bit. So limited updates this week.

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week 686 / week 558

November 9, 2021

Another ordinary week. Lots of driving with the kids, which means spending more time in conversation with them. A walk before church with Puff led to a long conversation about some of the computer programming projects he’s been working on, and some unexpected rain (the forecast said 10% chance). We even paused to help a […]

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week 685 / week 557

November 2, 2021

Another week, and the school run is back to being a routine. Driving is regular. We are starting to become used to spending time with others. We even managed a catch-up with friends on the weekend, which was long overdue. Puff continues to be regular in his bible reading. Dad and Puff even played chess […]

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week 684 / week 556

October 27, 2021

(A day late due to Dad’s work schedule) And just like that, the long lockdown was over; not with a bang, but with a whimper. We had some pizza for dinner (well, kids had pizza, Mum and Dad had Thai food), and then we had our last weekend before school returned. Puff had a lot […]

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week 683 / week 555

October 19, 2021

We’re in the final week of learning from home; Sydney is starting to open up a bit more, and we can even start to have people visit at home. And yet the week looks much the same. More learning from home. More zooms. One break in the pattern was Mum’s birthday; the kids made amazing […]

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week 682 / week 554

October 12, 2021

Another week of learning from home. SWAG has moved to online, so Puff had to make a marble run and then make a video of it, he’s had his second vaccination and so with Freedom day yesterday, he was able to go from this hairstyle: To something much more promising – photo next week. We […]

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week 681 / week 553

October 5, 2021

And like that, another school holidays is over. With every passing school holidays it feels like we’re closer to that weird end-date, when the kids are on the other side of their entire childhood, and start to take their next steps into the world. In the meantime, we have Huff continuing to experiment with colouring […]

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week 680 / week 552

September 28, 2021

Another week in lockdown; even though this was a full week of holidays, there are no photos of note, as we spent the whole week at home, as is to be expected during lockdown. Dad is back to uni again for the final 10 weeks, the kids are doing some different screen-based activities and the […]

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