week 683 / week 555

by cafedave on October 19, 2021

We’re in the final week of learning from home; Sydney is starting to open up a bit more, and we can even start to have people visit at home.

And yet the week looks much the same. More learning from home. More zooms.

puff still learning from home

One break in the pattern was Mum’s birthday; the kids made amazing hand-made cards for Mum, who enjoyed spending time with people.

puff and Mum reading an unlikely recipe

Huff enjoyed being allowed to use a wine glass to drink soda water.

huff enjoying toasting soda water in a wine glass

And the kids enjoyed some great food.

huff and puff waiting for brunch

And a quick shout-out from Dad to Mum. Thanks for all you do to help the kids make sense of the world around them, knowing without question how much they’re loved.

Oh, and Huff lost another tooth. And Puff has further upgrades to his braces. That’s about it for this week.


week 682 / week 554

by cafedave on October 12, 2021

Another week of learning from home. SWAG has moved to online, so Puff had to make a marble run and then make a video of it, he’s had his second vaccination and so with Freedom day yesterday, he was able to go from this hairstyle:

puff sitting on the couch

To something much more promising – photo next week.

We also played Settlers of Catan as a family. Huff was keen to be the bank again, but we encouraged her to play the game and so she changed out of her “bank” clothes and back into regular clothes for the game. Eventually she seemed to enjoy it a lot.

huff, enjoying Catan more than she thought

Puff enjoyed it more, as he won the game!

puff triumphant at Catan

Another week gone; we’re now slowly thinking about what leaving the house might look like, along with what returning to school will look like in under two weeks’ time.  


week 681 / week 553

October 5, 2021

And like that, another school holidays is over. With every passing school holidays it feels like we’re closer to that weird end-date, when the kids are on the other side of their entire childhood, and start to take their next steps into the world. In the meantime, we have Huff continuing to experiment with colouring […]

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week 680 / week 552

September 28, 2021

Another week in lockdown; even though this was a full week of holidays, there are no photos of note, as we spent the whole week at home, as is to be expected during lockdown. Dad is back to uni again for the final 10 weeks, the kids are doing some different screen-based activities and the […]

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week 679 / week 551

September 21, 2021

We’re on school holidays! The days are already more peaceful, although with the lockdown still in full effect (with some concessions to small gatherings) our life is much the same. A few highlights from the week. Puff has had his first “jab”, in preparation for school going back later in the year. He didn’t seem […]

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week 678 / week 550

September 14, 2021

The last week of school term 3 in lockdown has arrived! Dad spent much of the week working and finishing a uni assignment so there aren’t many photos. Huff and Dad (photo from previous week, when her jacket for a now-cancelled music festival arrived) went for a walk together one afternoon which was excellent and […]

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week 677 / week 549

September 7, 2021

Lots of celebrations for Fathers’ Day this weekend. Dad took the kids out for a bush walk within our 5km lockdown allowable exercise radius, so we drove to a near-ish-by park, stocked up on some sugary food (which was eaten in the car before we started). Here’s Puff waiting for food. ‘ Here’s Huff waiting […]

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week 676 / week 548

August 31, 2021

We have a teenager in the house! Despite the lockdown, we spent some time and energy making Puff feel loved and cared for; here we are in the kitchen for a rare group photo. This is an indication of how well they’re still getting along even after seven weeks of schooling from home. Hugs with […]

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Week 675 / week 547

August 24, 2021

Lockdown continues. Huff has coloured her hair again, and it looks pretty great. When the kids are doing PE classes, they have to have photographic evidence to submit to class. Here’s one of Huff. Dad and Puff went for a walk on Sunday; last day before the greater exercise restrictions came in. It was good […]

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week 674 / week 546

August 17, 2021

Another week in lockdown, where despite being on screens all the week, there are very few pictures being taken of the kids. Hopefully there will be some more stories to tell from next week, but in the midst of term and uni, there’s not much that seems truly new. Puff continues to do his pop-art […]

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