week 719 / week 591

It’s been an eventful end of term and start of holidays. Finally Huff was feeling well enough that we could get the kids back to swimming lessons.

huff in the water at swimming

They like the last week of term, because everyone gets to choose what their group does for a lap.

puff in the water at swimming

On Saturday a friend came over for brunch, but then Dad was out for much of the day (trying a flight simulator with uni friends), and came back with takeaway for dinner.

huff and puff having dinner at home

Monday morning we dropped the bird off with Doc and uncle A, and drove to Tamworth!

huff and puff with uncle A and pineapple

In Tamworth, the next day, we picked up the newest member of the family: Pippin. Huff was very excited.

huff meets pippin

Then we drove home. Huff was still very excited.

huff at home with pippin

Puff was moderately excited.

puff with pippin

We’re looking forward to reuniting everyone soon.

week 718 / week 590

Puff is back from music camp! He missed out on some sleep, but generally had a good time.

mum saying goodbye to puff

Puff had his music concert on Friday and Saturday night, so Mum went along on the first night, and Dad and Huff on the second night.

Saturday we went to the festival of steam at Thirlmere, including riding on a steam engine. The old carriages are in amazing condition. The one we had was in first class.

puff in the steam carriage

We managed a quick family photo.

family photo: Mum, Dad, Huff and Puff in a train compartment

The kids really enjoyed the experience of being on a train, and learning about steam engines.

huff and puff in front of a steam engine

It’s not clear who enjoyed it the most.

huff in front of a steam engine

Huff suggested that she ride on a tiny train with Dad. Knowing there might not be too many more opportunities, Dad scrunched up into it and had a great time.

huff and dad on a tiny train

Saturday night Huff and Dad watched Puff’s concert. It was a late night for her, as she continues to feel poorly after a long day.

huff and Dad at Puff's concert

It seems like Huff is finally starting to feel better; she managed to get through the whole of pyjama day at school this week.

huff on the way to school pyjama day

Hopefully more resting next week as we head into the school holidays!

week 717 / week 589

It’s music camp week!

Last week, Puff was at swag, helping pack away the flag at the end of the night. It seems like just yesterday that he was learning the ropes.

puff helping fold up a flag

We had lunch with Doc on Sunday, and had more of a quiet day on the Saturday.

Puff hasn’t been looking forward to camp, but he put on a brave face and headed off on the camp.He’ll be back tomorrow afternoon after a two-night camp.

family photo before music camp

Huff has been making the most of his absence; the bus was not long out of its parking spot before Huff joked “favourite child!” to make the most of being an only child for a couple of nights.

huff happy at home

We have finally finished painting the lounge room. Huff set it up as a cinema; tickets, seat numbers, even menus for the snacks. It made for some fun family times watching the new season 3 Bluey episodes together.

week 716 / week 588

A bit of a treat to have a long weekend in the middle of school term. We didn’t take the opportunity to stay away from home, but managed a long overdue day trip to see the cousins, some chores at home, and some family time, so that was enjoyable.

Dad managed a quick trip with Puff post-youth-group to grab bubble tea, which he was waiting patiently for.

puff waiting for bubble tea

While waiting for our breakfast to arrive at a cafe, Huff and Puff played boxes together on some paper retrieved from Mum’s handbag, with some pens from a pencil case whose progeny is now long forgotten.

huff and puff playing boxes

After breakfast, Huff, feeling better after more days of school was feeling game enough to try walking with Dad to IKEA, which ended up being the better part of an hour. This was taken early on, in front of a cafe called “Sirius Black” which was closed.

huff on a walk with Dad

The end result of the long weekend’s exertions, sadly, was that Huff has been unwell again: we’re trying to figure out exactly how to help her get better. More details next week!

week 715 / week 587

Another week of Huff not being very well, and not making it to school. Another return visit to the doctor to see if we can figure out what’s wrong; seems to be a bad cold that’s just refusing to leave, but it’s starting to be a significant amount of time off!

With Doc’s birthday celebrations, Huff was reluctant to miss out, but wore a mask most of the time. Puff continues on in good health, even helping Dad return various items to the work storage unit before coming to the party. Meanwhile he’s learning more and more at school, raising some increasingly complex topics as part of ongoing family discussions.

huff and puff celebrate doc's birthday

A rare treat to see uncle M was compounded with new clothes for Puff (a shirt that I’d expect to see in a photo here sometime soon), and a new pair of pants.

huff wearing new pants

It’s good to see the occasional flickering of Huff’s regular personality shine through the fatigue and sadness that goes with being sick for so long. We’re hoping to see her well enough to be back at school in the next week.

week 714 / week 586

It’s been a week where plans have been somewhat derailed by illness. Huff continues to be sick with some kind of non-covid related virus, and has had some time off school to recover.

We were hoping to spend some time with the cousins over the weekend but they were also prevented by illness, so we had a quiet weekend mostly at home except for Dad and Puff going to church.

On a rainy week, and with Dad needing to run errands, Puff met Dad at a different train station to usual for a lift home on a very rainy afternoon.

puff meeting Dad at the train station

And Huff, in a too-rare appearance at school, proudly carried home a giant jar of peanut butter a friend sourced from Costco for us.

huff with peanut butter

You’ve never seen a happier transporter of peanut butter.

week 713 / week 585

Another mostly ordinary week; Huff had some time off school as we try to work out what is going on with her breathing. She’s mostly fine, but occasionally needs to use a puffer: we are waiting to figure out what the issue is.

On Saturday, we surprised her with a trip to a dessert place she had seen on Mum’s instagram reels. She was very happy when she realised where we had taken her.

huff finding out about the ice cream

This was then compounded to a trip to the Rhodes fountain that is her current favourite place.

family photo - mum, dad, huff and puff

Oh, and the fairy floss place.

huff and puff at the fairy floss machine

Sunday Dad was teaching Sunday School again, and then Dad and Puff went out for lunch. Here’s Puff showing off his latest 3D print, as he tries to work out how to make some kind of panel to go over the back of his hand. It’s great to see him figuring out how to do 3D printing in more detail.

puff with draft 3d-print

Apart from that, and a catch-up with old friends on Saturday night, it’s been a fairly standard week, heading toward the next school holiday!

week 712 / week 584

Lots of different activities this week – Huff’s school had a session for fathers and kids where they were offering pizza and paper plane making. It was good to meet some other Dads and see Huff in her element.

huff at school pizza night

Friday night was the first night at youth group for Huff. Puff was happy to have his sister along too.

puff on the way to youth group

It was pretty dark, so this is the best photo Dad took of dropping them off.

huff waves goodbye on her first night at youth group

Saturday was father-child day. Dad and Huff went to see a movie together.

huff at the movies

On the way home we stopped for cookies.

huff at post-movie lunch

At night, Mum and Huff watched some reels together.

huff and Mum watching reels

What did Dad and Puff do for father-child time? Went to a shopping complex to look at new developments in tech, and in gaming. Both Dad and Puff enjoyed spending the low-key time together: something we used to take for granted years ago.

It’s been good to take some time spent with each of them and try and create some lasting memories together.

week 711 / week 583

Another big week; it was Dad’s birthday and graduation this week, so more photos of Dad than usual.

After swimming, we went to a cafe for breakfast; it was a beautiful day, and we had a tasty meal.

puff at breakfast (after swimming)

The kids enjoyed their food too; Huff was excited to share a box she had made and decorated for Dad (which he used to store the Minties Puff gave him).

huff at breakfast (after swimming)

It was a happy morning.

dad and huff

Dad, determined to get a morning walk in, took the kids for a brisk, somewhat hilly 2.5km walk.

Dad walking with huff and puff

Huff received her year 6 jersey this week; perhaps we’ll put up a photo at some point when her school name is less relevant.

Then on Friday we had Dad’s graduation. Huff wore a brooch from her cousin’s wedding.

huff dressed up for dad's graduation

There was lots of smiling (Puff is still adjusting to regular smiling with his complex tooth-braces situation going on).

huff and puff at Dad's graduation

Masks were on and it was time to head in for the ceremony. The kids were impressed with the chairs in the auditorium as they have built-in mini-desks!

huff and puff and Mum at Dad's graduation

After the ceremony it was time for some more photos in front of the giant logo.

huff and puff and Dad

Is this the first photo on the blog of just Mum and Dad?

Mum and Dad

After graduation we drove down to Canberra.

dad, huff and puff in the car on the way to Canberra

Puff had lots of school work to keep on with, while Huff had a great time watching the sunset.

huff and puff in the car on the way to Canberra

We stayed with a friend overnight, and had a great time catching up with them – our first trip to the ACT post-lockdown.

huff and puff at our friends' house in canberra

We stopped briefly on the way home for fancy coffee at a place called the Cupping Room.

huff, puff and Mum at the cupping room in canberra

On Sunday Dad was teaching Sunday School at church with Huff’s as a part of the class.

week 710 / week 582

Back to school for our first full school week, and in the shadow of a teachers’ strike tomorrow: the kids’ first one.

Dad picked up Huff from school and stopped for hot chocolate when it emerged that she would be walking home with a grazed knee.

huff with hot chocolate

Puff’s glasses arrived, so he’s been spending the week getting used to them: they’re for close-up work.

puff with new glasses

Dad is teaching Sunday School this month: it was a slow start so far with only three kids including Huff! We visited cousin A and V at their place after church. 

huff and puff with cousin A

And that’s about it: lots of time at home, Huff still feeling the weight of bronchitis a bit so we’re trying to get a second opinion on that. And despite the teachers’ strike, Huff and Puff still have to get up early for swimming lessons.