week 714 / week 586

It’s been a week where plans have been somewhat derailed by illness. Huff continues to be sick with some kind of non-covid related virus, and has had some time off school to recover.

We were hoping to spend some time with the cousins over the weekend but they were also prevented by illness, so we had a quiet weekend mostly at home except for Dad and Puff going to church.

On a rainy week, and with Dad needing to run errands, Puff met Dad at a different train station to usual for a lift home on a very rainy afternoon.

puff meeting Dad at the train station

And Huff, in a too-rare appearance at school, proudly carried home a giant jar of peanut butter a friend sourced from Costco for us.

huff with peanut butter

You’ve never seen a happier transporter of peanut butter.

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