week 723-724 and 595-596

A double week this post because Dad unexpectedly caught COVID this past week. Hopefully Dad will be back to entering the world again soon, but in the meantime, Mum has been doing a spectacular job keeping the house running and looking after everyone.

Before isolation, we managed to visit some people; here’s Huff with her cousins enjoying some milkshakes.

huff and cousins

We even managed some time next to a fire pit.

puff, huff, mum and fire

Huff was particularly enjoying light drawing with a few sparklers.

huff and fire

There was also a school open day for parents:

huff and mum

Mum and Huff were in a three-legged race.And we all competed in a couple of maths-themed kahoots (a type of online quiz).

huff and Dad

While the bird continues to grow in personality (even appearing in a photo in the newspaper), we are making more and more time for our new puppy, and he’s learning how to live at our place well. He’s mostly an indoor dog.

huff and Pippin

But occasionally he dreams of the backyard. Puff is also a fan of the puppy, though he is pretty busy studying at the moment.

puff and Pippin

Hopefully we will be back to single weeks again next time.

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