week 722 / week 594

A reminder this week of the value of balancing work time and family time; lots of later night work at the moment, so trying to make time for the school run where it’s possible. It only took a few minutes but it was amazing for Dad to be able to download the whole day from Huff’s perspective, and be able to give her some focused attention.

dad and huff at a burger shop

Sunday afternoon was hectic, but both kids were keen to go on an adventure with Dad in search of ice cream. As it turned out, the shop we were looking for was closed, but we managed to find this amazing sky, and a few dessert-ish treats nearby.

huff and puff at sunset

Here is Dad with the kids at the water’s edge only 20 minutes or so later. It’s great to see them engaging with the world a little, and get a break from the screens.

huff, puff, and Dad waterside at Rhodes

Oh, and on Tuesday night, Puff had a chance to head back to “swag” and further refine some of his skills.

puff working with paracord

Saturday we had an amazing chance to spend time with one of Dad’s old uni friends and his family. Their daughter started the day pretty concerned about dogs, but after a few hours with our puppy, she was feeling much more confident. 

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