week 720 / week 592

Not too much photographic evidence of the week that was. It’s the school holidays, we returned with our puppy, and Dad was back into working mostly from home, with the odd off-site meeting thrown in, and some evening activities. The kids spent most of their time at home, chasing up homework (Puff) or feeling a bit poorly (Huff).

We’re adjusting to life with a puppy; the sleep is more broken, but the puppy is relentlessly cheerful and wants to be part of family life (or nap).

Saturday we booked a table at a local cafe to make sure we would be able to navigate the morning rush. Huff liked it better than this picture when her pikelets arrived with a tiny jar of Nutella and a tiny shot glass of maple syrup.

huff at a cafe

Puff was just happy to have the chance to teach Dad some more cubing lessons.

puff at a cafe

So much so that after church the next day we went back out for more cubing lessons to a different place.

puff and Dad at a cafe

Having the puppy has helped us communicate better as a family, but has led to more chores and more work around the house.

So overall a win.

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