week 719 / week 591

It’s been an eventful end of term and start of holidays. Finally Huff was feeling well enough that we could get the kids back to swimming lessons.

huff in the water at swimming

They like the last week of term, because everyone gets to choose what their group does for a lap.

puff in the water at swimming

On Saturday a friend came over for brunch, but then Dad was out for much of the day (trying a flight simulator with uni friends), and came back with takeaway for dinner.

huff and puff having dinner at home

Monday morning we dropped the bird off with Doc and uncle A, and drove to Tamworth!

huff and puff with uncle A and pineapple

In Tamworth, the next day, we picked up the newest member of the family: Pippin. Huff was very excited.

huff meets pippin

Then we drove home. Huff was still very excited.

huff at home with pippin

Puff was moderately excited.

puff with pippin

We’re looking forward to reuniting everyone soon.

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