week 655 / week 527

by cafedave on April 6, 2021

Happy Easter! We had a very enjoyable long weekend with family and friends. On Good Friday, Dad took the kids for a pre-church walk. Huff found her favourite “heroic pose” rock, and paused for a photo.

huff posing heroically again

We had a fun time, and the kids were talking about other things they remembered from previous walks, which was reassuring that they are remembering their outings with Dad.

Dad with huff and puff

In the afternoon, Dad and Huff watched the new Disney movie. It was good to have some time together.

huff and Dad at the movies

We had Aunty S and uncle N come over for dinner and a game of Catan, and Puff won! 

puff victorious at Catan

And the kids had the chance to meet a friend’s new puppy.

puff meets boomer

They enjoyed meeting the puppy much more than being photographed.

huff and puff with boomer

Other highlights were a picnic with Aunty C and Uncle J, seeing Doc and Uncle A, and seeing our church friends (and having lunch with some of them). 


week 654 / week 526

by cafedave on March 30, 2021

We keep noticing that Huff is getting bigger, but this week it was time to do something about it as far as pyjamas were concerned. With Harry Potter still being the order of the day for her, the HP pyjamas were an easy choice, once Mum altered them to fit correctly.

huff with new pyjamas

Saturday was a day spent with Dad, who had to work for much of the day, so the kids were entertaining themselves, playing on screens, drawing, and listening to audiobooks.

huff and puff on screens while Dad works - indoors

In the afternoon, they did the same thing, but outside. Can you spot Huff?

huff and puff on screens while Dad works - outdoors

After the workday was over, we went out to near the bay run for a bit of a walk together as a trio, then headed to Leichhardt for gelato, and then to a friend’s house for dinner. A big day all-in-all.

Monday morning Huff was up early, so went with Dad on his morning walk, which was a lot of fun for both; always good to explore how Huff sees the world.

huff on a walk with Dad

And Puff had a big week as well. This was the last photo Dad took of him pre-braces!

puff pre-braces

And this was one of the first photos of him with braces. He will be in a much better way once they’re all over with, which is – of course – the point.

puff post-braces

Lots of soft food in the mix for a little while, but he’s done very well so far bearing up with the challenges. Even the dentist was very impressed. 


week 653 / week 525

March 23, 2021

The photos are back! The kids spent a day with their uncle and aunt while Mum and Dad went to a Saturday training course on how to be better at conflict resolution, and then Dad disappeared as has been his custom, to work on a uni assignment. The weather has been rainy for four to […]

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week 652 / week 524

March 16, 2021

A quiet week; school runs, the cousins visiting, watching some TV shows together (current favourites are Jeeves and Wooster, and The Goes Wrong Show), visiting Doc, but not much in the way of photos that are suitable for the blog. Will try for more suitable photos next week. 

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week 651 / week 523

March 9, 2021

Huff had a friend’s birthday party this week, and wanted to make cake pops as a gift, so we have this secret process reveal. To coat cake pops in chocolate, use the same implement you might use to remove an olive from a jar. Dip the cake pop in the chocolate, let it drain off, […]

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week 650 / week 522

March 2, 2021

Another big week; we have few photos to show for it but lots of experiences. Huff is excited at the prospect of taking a laptop to school for BYOD, and Dad has been quietly introducing her to a few programming concepts, to see if she will find some joy in writing some programs. Dad took […]

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week 649 / week 521

February 24, 2021

This week for youth group it was “black tie night”, so Puff borrowed one of Dad’s old suits and won the best dressed award! A proud moment. Saturday was a day at home spent with the cousins. Lots of screen time, some running around with the sprinkler in the backyard, and pizza for dinner, while […]

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week 648 / week 520

February 16, 2021

Big week. Mum took the kids to swimming while Dad fretted about his upcoming uni residential and tried to sneak in some exercise. The kids keep improving in their swimming confidence, though Puff was disappointed in his results at the school swimming carnival. Huff had the chance to spend some time with Mum while Dad […]

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week 647 / week 519

February 9, 2021

Huff has turned ten! It was early in the morning for her present opening, and we tried to decorate the dining room a little, and celebrate with lots of colour and enthusiasm. We went out for breakfast before church. We had afternoon tea at Doc’s house with lots of family members, and two cakes – […]

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week 646 / week 518

February 2, 2021

Dad took enough time one morning to help finish a jigsaw puzzle at the end of the holidays. Puff did most of the heavy lifting, and Huff made sure she was around to put in the final piece. We had breakfast out to celebrate Huff’s last day of holidays. Puff was happy entertaining himself with […]

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